National Celebrate Our Daughters Night

Friday, May 20th 2016 Visit Website

National Celebrate Our Daughters Night

Reasons Why this will be Important to Daughters.

Girls are Valuable

Girls will see the nation tell them how valuable they are.

Fathers are Present

Fathers will demonstrate the need and desire to be consistently present.

Daughters and Sons are Equal

Daughters will understand that to Fathers they are of equal concern as our sons.

Daddy's Little Girl

Daughters will learn that no matter how old they are; they are still "Daddy's Little Girls".

Inner Beauty

Daughters will understand that internal beauty far exceeds any notion of external beauty.

Good Men Exist

Daughters will see that there are "Good Men" in the world.







Loving Our Daughters.

National Celebrate Our Daughters Night.

The effort is meant to be simple, yet impactful by encouraging fathers or organizations to plan teachable and fun activities for daughters on Friday, May 8th.

The relationship between fathers and daughters are often forgotten. We realize that the same social ills that impact of sons; affect are daughters in similar; but distinct ways. In addition the issues of our daughters are painfully overlooked.

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