Mission and Focus

The campaign design seeks to reduce father absence by engaging dads at the early stages of their child’s development, which makes them more likely to continue their involvement through all of the stages of their development.

Our mission is to elevate the importance of father involvement for children 0-5 years old by advancing an informed conversation, evidence based practices, effective engagement and a positive narrative of fatherhood.

As a result of our efforts, we can increase father involvement, including participation in pre-natal and early child visits, found to be related to positive maternal outcomes and child outcomes.

Our campaign pillars are:

  • Education

  • Family Stability

  • Economics

  • Safety

  • Equity

  • Health & Wellness

Campaign Logic Model

Unfortunately, father involvement tends to decrease over time, particularly among nonresident, never-married fathers. Further, compared to other fathers, fathers who do not have a close or marital relationship with the mother of their child at birth or close ties to the child's extended family tend to have less contact with their children and the weakest connections to their children.

Every Father should actively engage in the academic aspects of his child. He should be aware of his role in the success of his child. Increasing father involvement could have long-term effects in Atlanta and nationwide.

Stages of Learning

There are three crucial stages of learning and development for a child. Each of these campaign components will provide intentional tasks and outcomes for fatherhood engagement and child outcomes to ensure social emotional and academic learning success by 3rd Grade.

The campaign is partially supported by