Drive to Five Advisory Committee

The role of the advisory committee is to:

  • Advise campaign on direction and outcomes
  • Use influence to encourage other individuals and organizations to support campaign
  • Represent campaign in public appearances and media
  • Assist in the creation of campaign materials and products
  • Monthly sub-committee and quarterly general meetings

Vito Berrello

National Assn. for Family, School and Community Engagement

Todd Bol

Little Free Libraries

Dr. Stacey Bouchet

Fathers Incorporated

Deborah Frazier

National Healthy Start Assn.

Dr. Jeff Gardere

Fathers Incorporated

Dr. Ron Mincy

Columbia University

Dr. Jeff Shears

A&T University - Greenboro

Otha Thornton

Former National PTA President

Ivory A. Toldson, Ph.D.

Howard University

Gerry L. White, Ph.D., LMSW

Clark Atlanta University

Lawrence Wilbon

Fathers Incorporated