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2023 Million Fathers March

The Million Fathers March is an inclusive initiative that recognizes the diverse tapestry of familial structures and caregiving roles. While our core message emphasizes the importance of fathers' active engagement in their children's education, we warmly invite and encourage participation from all caregivers, irrespective of gender, relation, or background.


About the Million Fathers March

Learn more about the history, mission, and objectives of the Million Fathers March, and discover how this initiative has impacted communities nationwide.


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Event Planning Toolkit

Access our comprehensive toolkit designed to help schools and communities plan and execute a successful Million Fathers March event, including promotional materials, activity ideas, and more.


Father Engagement Resources

Explore articles, videos, and tools that provide practical advice and insights for fathers looking to engage effectively in their children's education.


Local Events and Activities

Find Million Fathers March events and father-focused activities happening in your community, and connect with other like-minded individuals and organizations.


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Who Can Be Involved in the Million Fathers March (MFM)?

2023 Million Fathers March

Whether you're a father, stepfather, grandfather, uncle, older sibling, guardian, or any significant male figure in a child's life, your presence and involvement are invaluable. But beyond these roles, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and all caregivers who believe in the mission and wish to champion the cause are also wholeheartedly welcomed. 

Our Aim for the 2023 Million Fathers March

Our aim with the Million Fathers March is to foster a united front of caregivers, all dedicated to uplifting and supporting our children's academic and personal growth. Every individual who plays a part in a child's upbringing and education brings a unique and enriching perspective. Your presence and support, irrespective of your specific role, add immense value to the movement and, more importantly, to the lives of the children we collectively nurture and guide.

Join us, as we march together in solidarity for the bright futures of our children.