Re-imagining the Narrative of Modern Black Father

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Our Mission is to Promote Responsible Fatherhood and Eliminate Negative Stereotypes Of Black Fathers To Positively Impact The Trajectory Of The Black Father And Their Families.

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Currently, 66 percent of Black Youth are born into unmarried households.

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Father presence in the household is important for the positive well-being of families, neighborhoods, and youth.

Dads who actively participate in the lives of their families provide a steady source of stability and support.
Re-imaging the Black Father means that policymakers must focus on specific industries as vehicles by which low-income Black fathers lift their families out of poverty.

Why Does Poverty Look Like Me?

According to the research, supporting responsible fatherhood is critically connected to lifting Black men and their current and/or future children out of poverty while laying a firm foundation for their success in life.

We believe that the presence or absence of fathers shapes the way children view the world and interact with people and that fathers are an essential element in successful families and thriving, stable, healthy communities.

The goal of The Blueprint is to promote responsible fatherhood and improve/eliminate negative stereotypes of Black fathers (particularly low-income fathers), by addressing the following:

  • This is the 1st item

  • This is the 2nd item

  • Economic Opportunity and Entrepreneurship

  • Education

  • Family Structure

  • Legacy and Wealth

  • Health

  • Technology

  • Media

  • Hope

Ending poverty and other deprivations go hand-in-hand with strategies to:

The Virtual Town Hall Forum

Fathers Incorporated hosted a virtual Town Hall Forum to examine the definitions and social reality of fatherhood for Black Fathers.

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The Blueprint: Re-imaging the Narrative of Modern Black Father was streamed across several platforms.

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