Schedule - Virtual Town Hall

We are working on a virtual Town Hall Forum to examine the definitions and social reality of fatherhood for Black Fathers.

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Slots Speakers Panel Discussions
10AM -11AM Speaker: Dr. Matisa Wilbon - Why Does Poverty Look Like Me? Panel - The Fatherhood Battle Against System Bias
Moderator: Bishop Darren A. Ferguson
Panelists: Dr. Jerome Maultsby and Dr. Sidney Hankerson
11AM - Noon Speaker: James Murray - What You Should Know About Child Support
Speaker: Dr. Gerry White - COVID-19 and the Impact on Visitation
Panel - Education: Challenges and Solutions for School Engagement of Black Fathers
Moderator: David Miller
Speakers: Jason Allen and Ron Walker
Noon - 1PM Speaker: Dr. Janice Kelly - Perceptions of Black Fathers In the Media Panel - Parenting and Relationships : The Fight For Worth and Belonging
Moderator: Patrick Patterson
Speakers: Pastor Roy Barrett and Brandon Frame
1PM - 2PM Speaker: Chris Broussard - Black Men, Sports and Social Justice Panel - Racial Injustice and Community Engagement: I Can’t Breathe
Moderator: Shawn Dove
Speakers: Ed Reed and Darrel Young
2PM - 3PM Speaker: Dr. Jeff Gardere - COVID-19 and the Mental Health of Black Fathers Panel - The Black Man’s Fight for Economic Opportunities
Moderator: Stephen Powell
Speakers: David Cozart, Kenneth Braswell and Joe Jones
3PM - 4PM Speaker: Dr. Jeff Shears - Introduction to the Moynihan Institute
Speaker: Dr. Armon Perry - Parenting and Relationships: It’s All In The Family
Speaker: Dr. Pastor Jamal Bryant - Black Fathers/Men: A Call To Action
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4PM - 5PM Free Screening - Dark Hearts Film Panel - Black Fathers: The Forgotten Ones
Moderator: Kenneth Braswell
Speakers: Kimberly Dent and Griff

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