From the grand 20th Anniversary Gala to the launch of groundbreaking resources like the Virtual Resource Center for dads, each moment of 2024 is a part of this significant chapter in our story.

Two Decades of Pioneering the Next Generation of Dads

As Fathers Incorporated proudly commemorates its 20th Anniversary, we reflect on a journey marked by impactful achievements and unwavering dedication to nurturing strong, cohesive families. Over two decades, our organization has emerged as a national beacon for responsible fatherhood, tirelessly advocating for the vital role fathers play in the fabric of family and community.

Our story is punctuated with significant milestones. One of our proudest achievements includes the management of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, under our stewardship for over 15 years, becoming a pivotal resource for fathers, practitioners, and policymakers nationwide. Our innovative programs and campaigns, such as the "Gentle Warriors Academy" initiative, have directly supported thousands of fathers in the Metro Atlanta area, fostering resilience, interconnectedness, and essential father-child bonds.

The influence of Fathers Incorporated extends into the heart of communities, especially amongst underserved populations. Through our tailored workshops, training sessions, and support groups, we have empowered fathers with the tools for emotional, educational, and financial growth. Our commitment to fatherhood advocacy has also been recognized with over $1.9 billion in donated media, amplifying our message of fatherly dedication and love across diverse platforms.

As we celebrate this landmark anniversary, we honor the partnerships, community involvement, and the families we've touched. Our journey echoes the stories of countless fathers who've walked with us, striving for a better tomorrow for their children. Here's to 20 years of Fathers Incorporated - and to many more years of inspiring change, one father at a time.

Our Vision Forward

"Fatherhood Forward" represents our ongoing dedication to pioneering innovative approaches to support dads. We're committed to addressing new challenges and seizing opportunities to enhance the role of fathers in today’s ever-evolving world.

Our vision is clear - to continue building a society where the importance of a father’s role is recognized, celebrated, and nurtured.