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Fathers Incorporated's Global Literacy Initiative

In an increasingly globalized world, the role of fathers in children's educational success transcends national boundaries. As Fathers Incorporated embarks on its mission to deepen fatherhood engagement in Ghana and Kenya, it reaffirms its commitment to fostering supportive environments for children's literacy and learning, regardless of geographical location.


The international mission of Fathers Incorporated to Ghana and Kenya emphasizes the organization's commitment to transforming children's lives through literacy.

Promoting Fatherhood Engagement

By promoting active fatherhood engagement, Fathers Incorporated is not only aiding children's educational success in the present but also building a firm foundation for their future.

The Global Journey Timeline

The organization's global journey marks an important milestone in fostering inclusive educational practices that recognize and value the vital role of fathers, a journey that promises to yield rich learnings for all stakeholders involved.

  • 2012Fathers Incorporated Partnerships

    Fathers Incorporated partners with award-winning authors Kwame Alexander and Tracy Chiles McGhee to co-found the Literacy Empowerment Action Project (LEAP). The organization's focus initially centers on the eastern region of Ghana, particularly in the village of Konko.
  • 2012 - 2015Multi-faced Agenda

    The organization implements a multi-phase literacy, school improvement, and youth empowerment agenda. Efforts include the creation of a library for the Konko village school, funding for infrastructure improvements, and hosting a series of literacy and teacher development programs.
  • 2015 - 2016A Queens Discovery

    LEAP carries out its annual mission to Ghana. Kenneth Braswell and his daughter, Nzinga Braswell, participate in the mission, which leads to the creation of the documentary film "A Queen's Discovery." "A Queen's Discovery" begins airing nationwide, raising awareness of Fathers Incorporated's work in Ghana and the transformative potential of their mission.
  • 2018Barbara E. Alexander Memorial Library and Timber Nkwanta Health Post

    The Barbara E. Alexander Memorial Library and Timber Nkwanta Health Post are completed in Timber Junction, Kofuridua, marking a significant milestone for LEAP and Fathers Incorporated.
  • 2019 - 2021Covid

    Covid-19 stalled All International Missions
  • 2023Real Dads Read Clubs

    Fathers Incorporated mission to advance Literacy mission in African continues in both Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya with LEAP Global and Kenya Connect. Launched Read Dads Read Clubs in both countries.

Real Dads Read Program

By extending this initiative to Ghana and Kenya, Fathers Incorporated seeks to bridge the gap between cultural differences and create a universal platform for fathers to contribute significantly to their children's educational success.