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Kenneth Braswell

If you desire abundant blessings, you must have the stamina it takes to harness them… short ropes don’t catch fast horses.”

Kenneth Braswell

Meet Kenneth Braswell

Kenneth Braswell is the Chief Executive Officer of Fathers Incorporated, a widely recognized national and international nonprofit organization supporting fathers, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers that provides capacity building services to thousands of organizations working to ensure that fathers contribute to the healthy well-being of their children.

He brings 30 years of collective work experience managing and leading fatherhood and community programs. Additionally, he serves as the National Director of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearing House (NRFC) directing and guiding the strategic activities of the NRFC.

Throughout his career, Kenneth has managed over $70 million in Fatherhood programming. Braswell serves on several national boards and committees including being a Board Member of Little Free Library.
He previously served as the Director of the New York State Fatherhood Initiative, overseeing more than $11 million in programs, conducting a $1 million comprehensive evaluation, and managing the NYS Noncustodial Earned Income Tax Credit.

Braswell is also deployed to speak and represent at conferences across the country on promoting responsible fatherhood.

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Author & Thought Leader in the Field of Fatherhood, Modern-Day Parenting and Relationships

Kenneth Braswell is the foremost authority on Fatherhood and Fatherhood Initiatives in the United States whose work has appeared in The New York Times and The Washington Post.

He serves as the National Director of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC), a federally-funded national resource for fathers, practitioners, programs/Federal grantees, states, and the public at-large who are serving or interested in supporting strong fathers and families.

He is the author of several children’s books, curricula for practitioners as well as a documentarian.