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If you are a Dad in the Atlanta Metro area age 18-40 with a child 16 and under we want you! 

In 2020, Fathers Incorporated (FI) was awarded a Healthy Marriage Promotion and Responsible Fatherhood Grant worth $5 million, is geared to impact 900 dads in the metro Atlanta area.

Growth and Opportunities

As participant in this powerful training, dads will have access to world class learning programs, impactful life coaching sessions, life-changing goal achievement strategies and critical fatherhood resources.  

Participants will receive vital training in the areas of emotional management, critical systems navigation, relationship communication and leadership development.   

Gentle Warriors Academy

Gentle Warriors Academy is the professional development and training curriculum division of Fathers Incorporated. While we have an intentional focus of strengthening families one father at a time, we are dedicated to serving both parents and their families.

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We engage, equip and empower a community network of fathers and families by creating an environment of support, parental education and positive societal narratives.


I Am Dad. Podcast is an exploration of insight, information and inspiration for dads, their families, the people who love and those that support them.

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