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Spit'in Anger

Vemon of a Fatherless Son

The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.

Kenneth Braswell

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Spit’in AngerSpit’in Anger
Spit’in Anger is the exploration into the uncharted space of fatherlessness. The film addresses the underlying issue of anger that resides in young black males as a result of not having a nurturing relationship with their fathers.
I have learned that for a much as I hate fatherlessness; I LOVE fatherhood even more. Its not easy fighting for something you've never had. But it is because of that, that I don't want another child to experience the absence of their fathers.

Kenneth Braswell


of youth suicides are from fatherless homes


of children with behavioral disorders are fatherless


of youth in state institutions dont have fathers in their lives


of rapists motivated by displaced anger are fatherless

Understanding the Anger within Fathers Absence Free Guidebook!
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African American children born since 1990, will live in a home without their biological fathers before their 18th birthday.

  • “Truth-telling can be painful! Fathers not in the lives of their children can leave an indelible mark of loss on the mind, the heart and the soul of a child! That mark too often does not lay quiet and dormant but often erupts especially in our boys as anger and posturing for acceptance and affirmation. Spit’in Anger is powerful truth-telling about the challenges and opportunities confronting us in healing our children and ultimately in healing our community.”
  • “Spit’in Anger is one of the first documentaries that tackles the real rage our black boys feel because of being abandoned by their fathers . But by helping these boys to tell their stories, they have now found the freedom to be happy and leave open a door to their emotionally damaged fathers who in truth were abandoned by their fathers.”
    Dr. Jeffrey Gardere
    America’s Psychologist Assistant Professor, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • I remember as a kid not really knowing my father. When I finally did meet him, I couldn’t understand why this guy who looked like me, walked and talked like me, didn’t want me.
    Jamie Hector
    “Marlo” | HBO Series The Wire
  • Spit’in Anger is a heart-wrenching look at the emotional pain - and yes, anger - that a child feels when his father is alive but absent. Anyone who cares about the human condition can’t help but be moved by the words, images and facts this powerful documentary presents. If this doesn’t lead us to do all we can to find solutions, I’m not sure what will.
    Chris Broussard
    ESPN Reporter and President of The K.I.N.G. Movement