Daddy Series

Written By Kenneth Braswell

Daddy's Family Tree:
Introducing the Applewhites

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The story begins when Brandon receives an unexpectant call from his mother that his estranged father has died. He now finds himself having to reconcile his own feelings. In addition he has to talk to his family about a man he has never known.

The book includes free helpful resource guide.

Daddy’s Family Tree is a journey down the process of filling the emptiness in your life created by an absent parent. The story attempts to help children understand the importance of family. It creates a teaching moment for children who will have a lot of questions. The book allows for a loving and personal conversation about a topic that far too often, parents avoid.

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Our Endorsements

  • So many hearts could be healed by this sweet tale of a loving dad making peace with the absence of his own father. Beautifully written and illustrated, “Daddy’s Family Tree” is a poignant story that needs to be shared with children everywhere, especially those struggling with the legacy of fatherlessness.
    Emily Abt
    Director of “Daddy Don’t Go
  • In his third installment of children’s books; Daddy’s Family Tree, Kenneth Braswell continues to encourage a broader and healing conversation between parents and their children. Congratulations to Kenneth for advancing one of the hardest and most important topics in America; Fatherlessness.
    Jeffrey Gardere, Ph.D.
    America’s Psychologist Assistant Professor, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Kenneth Braswell reminds us of this desperate need, and brings to the forefront simple ways to incorporate this understanding into our lives. Statistics are provided along with suggestions in how to overcome them. This is a tremendous help for every family, as well as for every single-parent household struggling to overcome.
    Darleen Wohlfeil
    Story Monsters Ink magazine