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Written By Kenneth Braswell

Daddy, There Is
A Noise Outside

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Kenneth Braswell’s newest venue “Daddy, There’s a Noise Outside,” takes the complex issue of protesting and breaks the conversation down so that a 1st grader can understand.

The story begins when two children are awakened by noises in the middle of the night coming from outside the window of their inner-city neighborhood. Both their Dad and Mom spend the next morning explaining to them what was taking place in their community.

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Our Endorsements

  • Daddy There’s a Noise Outside” shows children and parents how they, too, can change the world. This book spotlights the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other young leaders who have peacefully and successfully addressed urgent challenges like segregation and civic apathy. Every child, black or white, should read this book! Kudos to Braswell and his son for making this powerful contribution to today’s youth!
    Tavis Smiley
    Author, commentator and host of the Tavis Smiley Show.
  • This is a simple yet effective children's story that tackles protest and unrest in a community. It's a book that's necessary today, considering the disruption many of our communities are facing. Braswell encourages conversation between guardians and children about these situations, and the positive change protest can bring.
    Terrie M. Williams
    Advocate for change and empowerment.
  • Daddy There's A Noise Outside" is profound, unique, and necessary in these times of change. Kenneth Braswell poiniently captures the pulse of the black home.
    Che “Rhymefest” Smith
    Oscar and Grammy award winning songwriter; also featured in “In My Father’s House” Documentary
  • Masterfully illustrated and well presented! “Daddy, There’s a Noise Outside,” is an effective reading resource for families to initiate or continue critical and timely conversations with children regarding social justice.
    Stephen Powell
    Chief Program Officer, National CARES Mentoring Movement
  • Daddy There's A Noise Outside" is a simple and eloquently written book which signifies today's times within our communities. Kenneth has captured the natural curiosity of children, and meshed it with the responsibility of parenthood in a profound way.
    Omar Epps
  • l love what Kenneth Braswell did with this book. It reminds me of the household I grew up in. My father was a union delegate and community activist who always exposed us to the plight of others that were in some sort of struggle, be it political, religious, racial or economic and preached to us about our role in making a positive difference. ' Daddy There's A Noise Outside' is a perfect starter kit for parents who want to plant those activist seeds in their children.
    Malik Yoba
  • Enter Mr. Braswell. In a simple, lively, positive and well-illustrated narrative, his "Daddy There's A Noise Outside," enables parents to initiate conversations with their children and grandchildren about the protest movements of today. In the end, this will help their children decipher their roles and build upon the legacy of their predecessors. The struggle continues and "Daddy There's A Noise Outside" can be a big part of it for your children and grandchildren.
    Dr. Ronald B. Mincy
    Professor; Columbia University